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Prémios de Investigação em Humanidades / Ciências Sociais

Name Award-Winning Output Award
Wong Yi Lee
Chan Chi Fong
Reforming Education in Contemporary Macao – Issues and Challenges First Prize (Monograph)
Li Changsen 澳門唩嚟哆〈報效始末疏〉通官考 First Prize (Paper)
Sheng Li Rethinking the Impacts of Foreign Investors on Urban Development: The City of Macao Second Prize (Paper)
Wang Yu “一國兩制”架構下的授權理論研究 Second Prize (Paper)
Lou Shenghua 全球史觀與澳門治理史研究 Second Prize (Paper)
Wong Shiu Fai 小政府大社團:澳門的後─後現代性與後傳統生活 Third Prize (Monograph)
Che Sei Tak 一國兩制下澳門產業結構優化 Third Prize (Monograph)
Chan Ka Yin The Relationship between Universal Human Values and Adolescent Problem and Pathological Gambling Third Prize (Paper)
Lung Wing Yi A Blended Needs Analysis – Critical Genre Analysis and Needs Analysis of Language and Communication for Professional Purposes Third Prize (Paper)
To Wai Ming
Tam Fung Yi

Cheung Fung Yi
Explore how Chinese Consumers Evaluate Retail Service Quality and Satisfaction Third Prize (Paper)
Lou Shenghua
Jiang Shanshan
“鄰避運動”在澳門的興起及其治理─以美沙酮服務站選址爭議為個案 Third Prize (Paper)
Wang Changbin 澳門博彩法律制度 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Leng Tiexun 一國兩制與澳門特區制度建設 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Wong Ngan Hong 同善堂與澳門華人社會 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Ieong Wan Chong “一國兩制”成功實踐的啟示─對澳門回歸十五年巨變必然性的基本認知 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Lai Wai Leung Macao's Welfare Model: An Extreme World of Welfare Capitalism? Merit Prize (Monograph)
Tereza Sena 澳門史資料之搜集─以〈澳門檔案(1929-1988)〉為中心* Merit Prize (Monograph)
Zeng Zhonglu
Catherine Prentice
Brian Edward King
To Gamble or Not? Perceptions of Macau Among Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Visitors Merit Prize (Monograph)

Remarks: Authors highlighted in bold characters are from MPI

Authored by Tereza Sena and translated by Zhao Xinliang.

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