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Media Arts

The Media Arts Programme boasts state-of-the-art teaching facilities that provide an ideal environment for students to pursue their academic activities. Facilities include:

  • Computer Room: Equipped with 4K TVs, gaming computers, and i9 workstations.

  • Game Design: Virtual reality motion chairs, gaming backpacks, VIVE motion trackers, mixed reality headsets, interactive display, Microsoft Hololens, Azure Kinect AI sensors, Leap Motion controllers, gaming steering wheels.

  • Art-Tech: Laser engraving and cutting machines, CNC engraving machines, FDM and resin 3D printers, Optitrack motion capture system, VIVE facial trackers.

  • Film and Storytelling: Blackmagic 6K camera, Canon/Sony DSLR cameras, gimbal stabilizers, Broncolor flash systems, Kin Flo film and video lights.

  • The programme also provides Animation & Visual Effects Lab, 3D Printing Lab, Rendering Lab, Extended Reality Lab, Projection Mapping Lab, Multimedia Shooting Studio, and Audio Production Studio for students to conduct their studies.

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