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Bachelor of Arts in Design

International Recognition

This programme has been successfully accredited by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT).


The Faculty of Arts and Design at Macao Polytechnic University aims to establish a distinctive design programme, not only answering the needs of the society, but to pursue an international standard and to present a unique quality of Macao. Macao is a small city that merges East and West, tradition and yet modern. The diversity in livelihood forms a unique style in terms of cultural feature, economic structure and humanity development. Macao cultural heritage and the liberalization of the gaming industry lead to a rapid change and growth in the creative industry despite the small demand of local market. The proportion of cultural design and promotion is high compared with other regions, and the economy is moving on a fast lane. To cope with the change, design education needs to be tailored to the needs of local industry, to explore its path in programme structure and to be adjusted for better direction and strategic positioning. The structure of the design programme needs to be broad and flexible, well balanced on commercial and cultural features, and to present the uniqueness mingled from Chinese and Portuguese art and culture. With the training in design education we offer, our mission is to create a unique programme for students to assist the creative industry, and to make the metamorphosis of Macao a new city and a better community in terms of cultural, environmental and spiritual.


4 years

Credit requirements

129 credits

Teaching Language



Daytime Programme

Career Prospects

Based on the skills and knowledge graduates acquire during their studies, they can work in a variety of design such as graphic design, advertising design, multimedia design, web design, 3D animation design, exhibition design and interior design. Graduates can work as design lecturer in high school or establish their own design company.

Students from this programme have worked on placements at the following organisations:

  • Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government
  • Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government
  • Wynn Palace
  • Coca-Cola Macau
  • Mome Limited
  • Nick Ngai Design Company Limited
  • MasterPieces Design-Interior & Furniture
  • Todot Design
  • Brother Multimedia Lda
  • "Chi In Cheong Multimedia Design House" (志現場多媒體創作室)
  • Chesskit
  • Hylé Design
  • “Seng Seng Advertising Production Co. Ltd.” (星星廣告制作有限公司)
  • Deco Design
  • "Seng Pan Chong I Interior Design" (盛品創意室內設計)
  • Blupurple Design Ltd
  • Pride Entertainment Productions Co. Ltd.
  • Macau Design Centre
  • Evon Interior Design
  • Laxino Systems Limited
  • "Seng Pan Chong I Interior Engineering Limited" (盛品創意室內工程公司)
  • Jun Yu Construction Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • "San Seng Advertising Production Co. Ltd." (新星廣告製作有限公司)
  • "Man Fai Construction & Engineering Ltd" (萬輝建築工程)
  • Witt Design
  • Power Star Lighting And Audio Equipment
  • 615 Concepts Company Ltd
  • Chiii Design
  • Studio D
  • IDEAL Design
  • Richmond Interior Design Co., Ltd.
  • Cliffs Studio
  • “Kong Chai Seong Media Production Ltd.” (公仔箱媒體製作有限公司)
  • CRAXH Production Ltd.
  • Macau Lotus TV
  • Chessman Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd.
  • Vision Production Co. Ltd.
  • Muse-um
  • SLG Transmedia Communication Design Co. Ltd.
  • D Five Production
  • Zoom Creative Advertising Co. Ltd.
  • 1220 Produçã o de Filmes Lda.
  • Lite Design Contemporary Furniture
  • A Design Architecture Limited
  • Tick Design Ltd.
  • Like Entertainment & Productions Co. Ltd.
  • Astar Advertising
  • O2 Media Ltd.
  • MO-Design Ltd.
Mainland China
  • "Wuyuan Yinxiang" (五緣印象)
  • Infini Studio
  • Acebrand
  • Hesign
  • CM Design & Consultant
  • C&C Design
  • Thread Design
  • “Shenzhen Zeyi Decorations Ltd.” (深圳市澤藝裝修裝飾有限公司)
  • Rito Group
  • Landor Shanghai
  • Redblackdesigns
  • Brand Union Shanghai
  • United Young Pictures Guangzhou
  • “Guangdong En Dian Industrial Co., Ltd.”(廣東恩典實業有限公司)
  • Hangzhou Design Design Advertising Design Co., Ltd.
  • Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Hesign International Ltd. (Hangzhou)
  • 1983 Asia(楊松耀蘇素設計深圳有限公司)
  • Shanghai Ogilvy & Mather Communication Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
  • wx-design
  • Guangzhou Haner Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Better Home Co., Ltd.
  • Bigui Production
  • Shanghai Better Home Co., Ltd.
  • “Beijing Meng Tuishou Entertainment Co., Ltd.”(北京夢推手文化傳媒有限公司)
  • “Mou (Beijing) Media Technology Co., Ltd.”(某機體(北京)傳媒科技有限公司)
  • “Shenzhen Power Design Consultancy Co., Ltd.”(深圳動力組設計顧問有限公司)
Hong Kong
  • Design Inspiration
  • Jam Creative Group
  • Edited
  • Snuper Design
  • The Origin Design
  • Pace Design
  • HawStudio
  • IO-Design
  • Good Studio
  • POINT Taipei
  • Redblackdesgins
  • Wizard Films
  • "Jin Qi Pictures Limited" (金奇映畫有限公司)
  • Jie Yang Interior Design
  • Jesse Allan Interior Design
  • Wooyo Design
  • Innovate Films
  • Pixelfly Digital Effects
  • Askafilm Production
  • Bright Ideas Design
  • Skvader Studio
  • b.logic Branding Consultancy
  • Oniton Visual Creative Design
  • UP Creative Design & Advertising Co., Ltd
  • Cheng Ching Interior Design
  • 8ID Studio
  • Images Infinitely Co., Ltd
  • Ocean Tads
  • Wyson Design
  • Arch Interior Design
  • Inspire Digital
  • K Plus Spacing
  • Interplay Space Design Studio
  • Luova Design
  • Yamspace Design
  • Hetian Design
  • Redbit Pictures
  • Goods Design
  • “PinQi Co. Ltd.” (品器有限公司)
  • Masde Interior Design
  • “Ou ye Advertising Design Co., Ltd.”(歐業廣告設計股份有限公司)
  • Bio-architecture Formosana
  • AID Interior Design
  • Moriyuki Ochiai Architects Inc.
  • NPO法人Co.to.hana
  • Mizutani Studio
  • Safari inc.
  • Landor Associates International Ltd.
  • Oval Co. Ltd
  • Landmark
  • Right Man North Co., Ltd


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