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Master of Interdisciplinary Arts

The Master of Interdisciplinary Arts in the Faculty of Arts and Design/Macao Polytechnic University started requiting post-graduate students from 2019 and programme commenced in the end of August, 2019. It employs three undergraduate programmes as the foundation for research development. It aims to cultivate arts and design professionals with international perspectives and serving for the local in interdisciplinary arts thinking and practice. Integrating focuses on visual arts, design and music, the programme emphasizes enlightening postgraduates’ artistic thinking, and nurturing their creativity, research capabilities and management in the field of arts and design. Consequently, Students can not only strengthen their professional abilities but also own creative characteristics with the competence in management and marketing. By applying thoughts into local culture as the practice basis, students could demonstrate their capabilities in applying interdisciplinary arts, design research and practice. 

Educatonal Goals

  1. To cultivate applied talents in arts and design with innovative thought on interdisciplinary and high quality of academic research
  2. To cultivate advanced talents of interdisciplinary arts and design with humanistic care and integration into community development
  3. To cultivate professional talents with disciplinary arts and design integration capabilities and local cultural connotations
  4. To cultivate international talents with global vision and continuous improvement to the quality of arts and design for Macao


2 years

Credit Requirements

36 credits



Career Prospects

As arts and design professionals with global vision, creativity, and capabilities in interdisciplinary integration, graduates shall be competent in serving as creative directors, art directors, art consultants, exhibition planners, artists, musicians, designers, arts educators, and other related positions in the creative industries.

Classes will be scheduled after 18:00 from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday.

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