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Curso de Doutoramento em Descoberta de Drogas Impulsionada por Inteligência Artificial


This programme aims to foster pioneers of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies in biomedicinal fields. Students gain a multifaceted perspective that explores the intersection between drug discovery, artificial intelligence (AI), molecular modelling, bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology that address the development of Macao, the Greater Bay Area and beyond.


  • The first doctoral degree program in artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery in Macao that aims to cultivate high-end talents who can apply computing technology for drug discovery
  • Addressing the strategic needs of biomedicine development in Mainland China and Macao, and addressing the integrated development of biomedicine and artificial intelligence (AI) industries
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can speed up the process of drug discovery and save the costs of drug development. The programme helps promote biomedicine development and high-tech industries in Macao, and enhance the core competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry in China

Visão Geral

Duração: 3 anos
Total de Créditos: 30 créditos
Línguas Veiculares: Chinês / Inglês


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