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Publishing Academic Articles in International Journals – Why and Where

Nineteen MPU faculty members and students attended a seminar delivered by Prof. W.M. To of the Faculty of Business at Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) on 23 March 2022. This seminar was hosted by Dr. Billy T.W. Yu, Mr. Vincent W.S. Leung, and Prof. W.M. To and it took place in Room M608 of Meng Tak Building between 2:30 and 3:40 pm.

Prof. W.M. To briefly introduced himself as a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in a Hong Kong’s higher education institution in the 1990s and has served as a Professor of Management in the Faculty of Business at MPU since 2003. He started publishing academic articles in international journals in 1990. He indicated that academic research and publication are crucial to keep higher education teachers’ knowledge and skills up-to-date and publication is a way of sharing research findings and getting feedback from the editor, peer reviewers, and readers from the academic community. Yet, publication is very challenging because the acceptance rate of some journals is 20% or lower. Thus, it is not unusual that an article was rejected by different journals before it is accepted and published in an international journal. He shared with participants his failure experience as journal articles’ author and his experience as journal articles’ reviewer. Prof. W.M. To highlighted that an author needs to have faith on his/her research work(s) and keeps improving his/her article(s) based on the comments made by the editor(s) and reviewers. With regard to research topics, he encouraged participants to keep talking to other researchers and stakeholders in order to understand what is going on in light of business, economical, technological, and medical development.

            Prof. W.M. To delivered his talk
MPU faculty members and students who attended the talk


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