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Nursing Preceptor Training Committee


Chairperson: Ms. Florence Iat Kio VAN, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau
School of Health Sciences and Sports, Macao Polytechnic Institute Ms. Karry Ming LIU, Ms. Haobin YUAN, Ms. Hongxia DAI
Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Ms. Kelly Sichen WANG, Ms. Milly Wai I NG
Hospital Centre of C. S. Juanario, Health Bureau, Macao SAR Government Ms. Ana Maria CHAO, Ms. Ha I WONG
Nursing Department, Kiang Wu Hospital Ms. Wai Lan FOK, Ms. Jing Hua WONG
Health Center, Health Bureau, Macao SAR Government Ms. Iao Ha Wong FAN, Ms. Maria Pui Man LIU
University Hospital, Macao University of Science and Technology Ms. Yulian LI
Secretary: Ms. Selwynne Wan CHEONG, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau


The Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau and the School of Health Sciences, Macao Polytechnic Institute initiated to develop a means of promoting the quality of clinical teaching and establish a system to regulate the practice of clinical teaching. They then worked with the nursing leaders from other local healthcare institutes to form the 12-member Nursing Preceptor Training Committee. These institutes include the Hospital Centre of C. S. Juanario and the Primary Health Care Service of the Health Bureau, Macao SAR Government, the Kiang Wu Hospital, and the University Hospital.


  • To promote collaboration between education and clinical institutes.
  • To review the practice of clinical teaching and assessment in basic nursing education.
  • To organize nursing preceptor training courses.
  • To establish and manage a register of nursing preceptors.

NURSING PRECEPTOR TRAINING COURSE Organized by the Nursing Preceptor Training Committee


Basic nursing education is to prepare professional nurses who can provide good quality nursing care. The theory and practice parts in the basic nursing education program are essential. Clinical teaching as well as assessment would significantly affect the practical competence of the nurse learners and reflect the standard of basic nursing education. Clinical teaching for nurse learners is an inherent obligation of every member of the nursing profession. A well organized training course for preparing the nursing preceptors becomes essential for assuring the quality of clinical teaching. With the well prepared nursing preceptor, nurse learners would develop the practical competence for providing safe and quality nursing service. Through the training course, an experience nurse can become a qualified nursing preceptor well equipped in theory and skills of clinical teaching.

Learning objectives and teaching contents

  • To appreciate the philosophy and principles of basic nursing education
  • To understand the importance of integrating theory and clinical teaching in nursing education
  • To be familiar with the essential components of the qualifications of a nursing preceptor
  • To master the macro and micro skills of clinical teaching in nursing education
  • To master the principles and skills of assessment in clinical teaching


Tel: 82956230
Email: ch_wan@kwnc.edu.mo

Date of revision 11/2018

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