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Macao Culture and Cultural Macao : the Utilization of Cultural Advantage and the Development of the Cultural Industry

Ieong Wan Chong, Huang Hongzhao, Chong Man Weng, et al.
Macao Foundation & Guangdong Social Sciences Association
The Second Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
First Prize (Monograph)

Dr Ieong Wan Chong
Director of One Country Two Systems Research Centre

Macao's culture is a type of Chinese culture blended with some occidental characteristics. It is unique within Lingnan culture, a sub-branch of the Chinese cultural system. While Macanese culture is recognized for its great success, tolerance, regionalization and openness, room for further evolution can still be seen. In-depth observation and thinking is required. A sense of branding and quality-control should be promoted. Rational and scientific approaches for development are desirable. Macao should recognize its cultural advantage and find the means to make good use of it by turning it into cultural products as well as developing related cultural industries. This will be an effective way of maintaining the prosperity and overall competitiveness of the Macao SAR.

Dr Chong Man Weng
Associate Professor from School of Arts

This research explores the richness of Macanese culture by carrying out a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the cultural evolution of Macao throughout its history. It looks into possible strategies for turning the cultural advantage of Macao into a useful factor for the region’s future development. It is hoped that by attracting attention to this topic, a healthy cultural construction of the Macao SAR can be achieved. (This was a research project by the Centre for Macao Studies, the University of Macau. The report was financially supported and published by the Centre for Macao Studies, the University of Macau.)

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