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2014 (em Inglês)

One Country Two Systems Series 39 (01/2014)

2013 1 34

Name of Publication: Systematic Study on the Theory of “One Country, Two Systems”
Authors: Ieong Wan Chong
Date of Publication: August 2014
ISBN: 978-99965-2-094-5


The monograph has completed by professor Ieong Wan Chong of the One Country Two Systems Research Center, MPI. It contents 16 chapters, totally 220,000 of Chinese characters. The topics are including the discuss and judgement on SAR, on SAR system, on the Basic Law of SAR, on the interrelation between the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” and the socialism with the Chinese characteristics, also on the fundamental regularity and experiences of the practice of “One Country, Two Systems” in the Macao SAR for the past 15years. The big capacity, the new field of vision and the many-sided inspiration are beneficial for the academic cycle, professors and students, also for the public readers.

One Country Two Systems Series 40 (02/2014)

2013 1 34

Name of Publication: “‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the Protection of the Macao Residents Rights” (Proceedings of the named academic conference)
Editors: IEONG Wan Chong、Leng teixun
Date of Publication December 2014
ISBN: 978-99965-2-098-3


This is the proceedings of the Academic Conference on“‘One Country, Two Systems’and the Protection of the Macao Residents Rights” held in June 2014. The first section is about the“One Country, Two Systems” policy and the protection of residents' rights, and it includes 5 articles. The second section is about the theory and protection of the residents' rights protection, and it includes 6 articles. The third section is the application of the International Human Rights Convention in Macao, and it includes 6 articles. Scholars from the Mainland and Macao discuss the captioned topic in various prospective, and it is believed that the theoretical exploration can help to enhance the correction implementation of the“One Country, Two Systems”policy in Macao, and the effective practice of the protection of human rights of the Macao residents. It can also help to promote social justice and development.

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