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Endometrial Carcinoma: Fundamentals & Clinical Research

Liaoning Province Committee for S&T, Shenyang Municipal People's Government
Liaoning Provincial S&T Award (Second Prize), Shenyang S&T Progress Award (Third Prize)

Dr Meng Lirong
Associate Professor from the School of Health Science

Supported by the Science and Technology Development Fund and Macao Polytechnic Institute, Dr Meng completed the project – "The Basic Research on KiSS-1 Gene Inhibiting the Metastasis of Endometrial Carcinoma". Below is an extract from the Report: Metastasis is the most lethal attribute of cancer, which severely affects the effectiveness and prognosis of cancer patients. The KiSS-1 gene has been reported to be a novel metastasis suppressor gene in human melanoma and breast carcinoma cells. The objects of the research are transfecting KiSS-1 gene into the HEC-1B cell, establishing a xenografted tumour model of endometrial carcinoma in nude mice and researching the effect of gene therapy that KiSS-1 suppresses the metastasis of endometrial carcinoma. These results will be important in the diagnosis and treatment of endometrial cancer in the near future.

The research results have led to the publication of several academic papers and two S&T Awards.

To know more about Dr Meng's research, you must read her book published by Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House, entitled Endometrial Carcinoma: Theory and Practice. It presents a comprehensive account of current research on endometrial cancer, from its pathogenesis to its clinical diagnosis and treatment, with particular attention devoted to genetic relations of the tumour. This book is highly referential in endometrial cancer research.

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