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Headline:How To「Stand Out」 The Works


Name of Event:


How To「Stand Out」 The Works

Name of Guest Speaker:

Ms. Fiann Lai 、Ms. Catherine Ko

Title & Organization:

Crossover artist
The main designer of the emblem of the Asian Para Games
Original author of popular IP "Cat Star"
Founder of the Golden Project CAC Creative Children Painting System
Lecturer at City School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Director of Macau Comickers Association


Cultural and Creative Industries Teaching and Research Centre,
Faculty of Arts and Design, Macao Polytechnic University


30th May 2022 (Monday)


3:00 – 6:00 pm


R2F04, Lecture Theatre 1, the 2nd Floor of Research and Development Building, Macao Polytechnic University, Taipa Campus


Students of Faculty of Arts and Design, Macao Polytechnic University


Sharing the process of creating the emblem of the 2010 Asian Para Games (the 2010 Asian Paralympic Games is the first session after the reorganization of the Asian Paralympic Games, the torch was lit by President Xi Jinping and the process of creating the emblem was collected by the National Archives Administration of China. In 2012, the museum of Asian Para Games were established in Guangzhou. The torch of the Asian Para Games will always exist in the hall), and the design concept accumulated by the years of commercial design experience, inspire and help students how to stand out the design creations.

Event Date:2022-05-30
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