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MPI held Exam Gas Station to Give Encouragement and Warmth to Students

MPI held "Exam Gas Station" to cheer up students.
Students from the Music Programme had a marvelous show for students.

Organised by the Student Affairs Office and Student Union of the Macao Polytechnic Institute, the "Exam Gas Station" was recently held before the final exams of the first semester. The event created a harmonious, mutually supportive and encouraging campus atmosphere which assisted in helping students to release some of their stress and transmit positivity among students. Students took photos in front of the blessings wall backdrop, while the Student Union distributed refreshing beverages and heart-warming gifts to participants through mini games. But the sincerest blessings were given to students through musical performances. In addition, the Lunch Music Salon, performed by students from the Music Programme, was held to relax students’ bodies and minds with beautiful vocal solos and various musical instrument solos including the flute, Zhongruan, trombone and marimba.

transmitir energia positiva, permitindo-lCo-organiser and member of the Student Union, Mr Ho expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to organise the event, which enhanced their cohesion and organisational power, and also helped the Student Union to integrate into the campus to serve their fellow peers. Some students stated that the "Exam Gas Station" is a “must-join” event every semester. They all enjoyed the event and relaxed through playing games, enjoying musical performances and heartwarming winter hot drinks, fully experiencing the care and attention of the Institute.

MPI has always adhered to student-oriented values and is committed to establishing a harmonious campus atmosphere. The Student Affairs Office and the Student Union regularly organise the "Exam Gas Station" every semester to reinforce a positive learning attitude and spread positive energy to students, thus assisting students to relieve pressure during examinations, to achieve a better balance between study and life and to enjoy a fruitful and memorable college life.


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