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Wood Engraving — Art Exhibition by Chu Kin Fat Organised by MPU

Wood Engraving — Art Exhibition by Chu Kin Fat

To promote youth development and to display the latest artworks by young artists so that all sectors of society have a deeper understanding of the achievements of professional training in Macao Polytechnic University (hereafter “MPU”), MPU and the MPU Alumni Association jointly organised “Wood Engraving — Art Exhibition by Chu Kin Fat” to display 18 latest wood engraving artworks by the MPU graduate and Macao young artist Chu Kin Fat.

The opening ceremony of “Wood Engraving — Art Exhibition by Chu Kin Fat” took place on the afternoon of 23rd April at MPU, and was presided over by Lei Ngan Lin, the Vice Rector of MPU; Wen Hongyan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Sands China Ltd; Liu Kun Him, the President of the MPU Alumni Association; Lai Ming Hoi, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design; Chan Teng Fong, Office Director of the Diocesan Catholic Education Committee; Jose, Ng Teng Chio, Vice Principal of Colégio Diocesano de São José; and Lao Weng Ian, Head of the Student Affairs Office of MPU. The main medium of the exhibition is wood engraving prints, which can be divided into two themes, namely “Catholicism” and “life and character portraits”. In his speech, Chu Kin Fat said that the works,  the reproduction of real objects using wood engraving techniques, have undergone spiritual transformation through the artist’s hands and the works are presented in such a specific form to everyone who appreciates them.

Wong U Kei, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the MPU Alumni Association, said that MPU has been rooted in Macao for many years, training diversified and interdisciplinary applied talents for Macao. The Alumni Association has been committed to providing a platform for alumni to show their talents, connecting the University, teachers, students, alumni, and all sectors of society through different forms of activities, and promoting the interaction between young people to show their talents and realise their dreams. This exhibition is an extension of the "Art Talent Development Programme " co-organised with Sands China, and he said he hoped that students and alumni could have more opportunities to display their works.

Chu Kin Fat is a graduate of the Visual Design Programme at MPU. He has participated in many local and overseas art exhibitions, and his works reflect his own life and express his personal feelings. At present, the artist is a teacher at Colégio Diocesano de São José, an executive director of the Board of Directors of the MPU Alumni Association, a member of the Macao International Printmaking Arts Research Centre and a member of the Macau Artist Society. “Wood Engraving — Art Exhibition by Chu Kin Fat” is open to the public from April 23 to May 13, 2022. Teachers and students from higher education institutions, all sectors of society and the general public are welcome to visit. To comply with the anti-epidemic guidelines of the Macao SAR Health Bureau, the visitors must wear masks and have their body temperature taken, as well as scan the QR code of the venue for the itinerary record (referred to as the venue code), and present a valid personal health code.

Speech Delivered by Chu Kin Fat, MPU Graduate
Chu Kin Fat introduced the works and creative inspiration to the guests

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