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MPU Design Programme Teaching Achievement Exhibition

Group photo of teachers and students at MPU Space and Design Teaching Achievement Exhibition

In order to cultivate students' creative thinking and show the characteristics of the course, the Faculty of Art and Design of Macao Polytechnic University recently held the opening of the "Space and Structure Teaching Achievement Exhibition", exhibiting the creative works of 91 students of the Bachelor of Design programme, demonstrating the collaborative teaching outcomes of the disciplines of space and structure. The works showcased were full of whimsy and imagination.

This exhibition is the final creation of the first-year students of the Bachelor of Design programme. Teachers acted as curators to create a more autonomous learning environment and opportunities for exploration and creativity for students, so as to enhance students' engagement. Through co-planning, group discussions, and sharing, the spirit of collaborative teaching was put into practice, and the teaching design and objectives were merged.

The exhibition's theme is to explore the sound in life. Through the approach of “development, association, and design,” the exhibition explored the interrelationship among sound, time, and space. Based on a song, students used space and design to reinterpret the meaning and story of the song in a designated space. Students used audio-visual synesthesia design to demonstrate the basic application of space and structure and to propose creative ideas from a reflective perspective, thus enhancing their learning ability and demonstrating teaching outcomes.

The Bachelor of Design programme of the Faculty of Arts and Design of Macao Polytechnic University adheres to the educational philosophy of "cultivating professional design talents". To meet the needs of social development, the programme has constructed a disciplinary system that balances theory and practice and aligned with international standards in design education. The programme aims to promote diverse and comprehensive higher education in the field of design through the foundation of design and humanistic aesthetics, and the core of the design profession.

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