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Academic Seminar: AI in the Application of Natural Product Drug Research and Graph Deep Learning Algorithm and its Application in Drug Discovery

Professor He Shan delivered two lectures: "AI in the Application of Natural Product Drug Research" and "Graph Deep Learning Algorithm and its Application in Drug Discovery" at the Macao Polytechnic University on July 18-19, 2023. This lecture was arranged by Professor Tong Hoi Yee, Henry, Director of the AIDD Centre of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Professor He is a senior lecturer at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK. Professor He has extensive research experience in complex network analysis, machine learning, agent-based modeling, and applications in biological and clinical problems. Professor He has published over 110 papers with an H-index of 25 and serves as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience. Professor He provided an overview of fundamental concepts such as graphical models, deep learning, and drug design in the report. Then, he focused on illustrating how to build an effective graphical model based on biological characteristics. Professor He provided a detailed introduction to his research using deep learning and graph models for drug discovery. He also shared the latest advancements in this field and highlighted the significance of using a hyperbolic space graph embedding algorithm in drug target discovery.

At the discussion stage, Professor He engaged in a comprehensive exchange of ideas with teachers and students from Macao Polytechnic University. The topics included graphical models, artificial intelligence, and drug discovery. The students spoke highly of Professor He’s report after the presentation.


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