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Master of Education (Cultural Communication and Education)


This programme is designed for the practitioners in the field of education, tourism, culture and heritage, and cultural communication. Through the interdisciplinary exploration reinforcing students' academic knowledge, comprehensive quality and educational innovation ability, the programme is to cultivate professionals in education, scientific research, humanities, social services, cultural and heritage industries.


  • Building a modular system of academic subjects in cultural communication education, in line with the national strategy of "One Base" and Macao's development orientation to promote Macao as an international cultural education and communication centre
  • A series of new ideology and techniques related to the area of cultural communication and education, enhancing students' exploration and research in interdisciplinary topics to contribute for the development of scientific research


Duration: 2 Years
Credit Requirements: 30 Credits
Medium: Chinese / English

Career Prospects

Graduates may work as leaders in the areas of education and cultural communication, or further studies in doctoral programme to engage in teaching and research work in fields of culture, education, history, art, social sciences and other disciplines.


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