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Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Heritage and Anthropology


This programme aims to cultivate advanced researchers with a profound theoretical understanding, innovative thinking, and excellent practical skills in the fields of cultural heritage and anthropology. They will be capable of using cutting-edge research methodologies and original literature in both Chinese and foreign languages to conduct high-level scientific research independently.


  • Cultivating high-level professionals in cultural heritage and anthropology with the rich resources of world cultural heritage in Macao and its surrounding areas, to support the long-term strategic planning of the Greater Bay Area.
  • Plenty of interdisciplinary research opportunities, diversified academic team and personalized learning approaches allow students to integrate multi-disciplines such as cultural heritage, anthropology, history, archeology and art history etc. to explore in-depth preservation, transmission and change of culture from various perspectives.
  • Emphasizing on international perspective and motivating students to participate in global cultural heritage research, to understand the commonalities and differences between cultures. The programme offers opportunities for participating in international conferences, exchange and collaborative research.
  • Focusing on contemporary cultural heritage challenges, students are encouraged to investigate and apply the latest technologies and methodologies, including digital technology and cultural data management etc. to broaden their research horizons and enhance their competitiveness.


Duration: 3 Years
Credit Requirements: 30 Credits
Medium: Chinese / English


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