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  1. To be eligible for admission via exams, applicants must satisfy one of the following requirements:
    • Having completed six years of secondary education and fulfilled the requirements for graduation; or
    • Currently attending the third year of senior high school or equivalent
  2. The above requirements will be waived for applicants aged 23 or above.
Exams and arrangements

The specific exams required for admission vary according to individual programmes. They may include all or some of the subjects of the Joint Admission Examination (JAE) for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions, and/or specialised exams and interviews organised by the Macao Polytechnic University.

  1. Please stay tuned to our website for:
    • Exams required under each programme;
    • Regulations, syllabus and past papers of JAE;
    • Mock papers and guidelines of MPU’s specialised exams.
  2. Candidates will be issued with a notification to sit for admission exams. Candidates who are required to take the JAE exam(s) as well will also be issued with a JAE examination permit.
  3. Candidates are required to attend the exam(s) according to the schedule(s) indicated on the admission exam notice and/or JAE examination permit. They are required to bring along the following documents to attend the admission exam(s):
    • Original copy of personal identity document (e.g. ID card or passport);
    • Admission exam notification (for specialised exam/interviews) or
      JAE exam permit (for JAE exams);
    • Other required documents (if applicable).
Exemption from exams

Candidates who have fulfilled any of the criteria below will be exempted from taking the respective exams:

Subject exemption Criteria
English (JE01)
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or above
  • TOEFL score of 79 points or above (Internet based)
  • TOEFL score of 550 points or above (Paper based)
  • "21st Century" National English Speaking Competition (any award in the Senior High School Category or Open Category)
  • Macao-wide English Speech Contest (any award in the Senior High School Category or Open Category)
Maths (JM01)
  • Mathematical Olympiad (any award in the Senior High School Category)
  • Macao Secondary Schools Competition in Mathematics (any award in the Senior High School Category)
  • Hong Kong & Macao Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest "HKMO Open" (any award in the Senior High School Category)
Portuguese A (JP01)
  • Certidao do Nível C1 (Utilizador Proficiente) emitido por uma entidade reconhecida pelo Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas
Bonus Points Scheme

We award bonus points to Macao candidates who are high achievers in various aspects. Bonus points apply to students who sit for admission exams and will be awarded upon assessment according to the criteria below:

Bonus points for high-achieving debaters
Bonus points 20 extra points to each admission exam (except specialised exams)
  • First, second and third prize winners of high school speech competitions; or
  • High school debating team member
Bonus points for high-achieving athletes
Bonus points 10-50 extra points to each admission exam (except specialised exams)
  • Ranked top 10th during the latest 3 years by participating in competitions organised by the  International Olympic Committee or recognised by the General Association of International Sports Federations. These competitions (with the exception of invitational tournaments, tryouts, testing or exhibition matches) include:

    • Comprehensive Games at National level or above, such as Olympic Games, Asian Games, Lusofonia Games, East Asian Games, National Games of the People’s Republic of China, Youth Olympic Games, Asian Youth Games, China’s National Urban Games, World Games, Asian Indoor Games, National Games of the People’s Republic of China, World Middle School Games, Pan Pacific School Games, National Middle School Games
    • Tournaments and Championships organised by various International or National Sports Federations, e.g. World Championship, World Cup, Asian Championship, Asian Cup, and China National Tournament or Championship
  • Champion team member (group award in basketball, football, volleyball, mini soccer, hockey or handball, etc.) among Macao secondary schools during the latest 3 years
  • First, second or third prize winner (individual award in Wushu, track & field, cross-country running, table tennis, badminton, judo, swimming or tennis, etc.) among Macao secondary schools during the latest 3 years
  • Currently competing in any sport in the Macao selection team or currently a representative of Macao school sports delegation
  • The highest record holders in Macao for any sports
Bonus points for active engagement in whole-person development
Bonus points 10-30 extra points to each admission exam (except specialised exams)
  • The top 4 prize winners of Delta Asia Student Quiz Contest (Senior Section); or
  • Recipients of Platinum / Golden / Silver / Bronze Award for Macao Youths Volunteer
Bonus points 10 extra points to the specialised exam of Design / Visual Art / Media Arts Programme
  • Having joined the MPU Cultural and Creative Summer Camp
Each candidate can submit a maximum of 10 items for assessment. Bonus points across categories may be accumulated, however, the total bonus points may not exceed 60 points for each subject.
Application Procedures
  1. Fill out application during the application period【Online application
  2. Settle application fee*
  3. Candidates applying for the bonus point and/or exam exemption scheme should complete the registration at MPU's Registry in person within the application period by bringing: a printout of the admission application form submitted online, ID document(s), a recent photo and testimonial(s) that verify their eligibility (e.g. certificates of award/merit, letter issued by the secondary school). Applicants for the‘Bonus Points Scheme’should  also submit relevant application form【Download Form】.
  4. Application completed
*Applications will be considered valid after the application fee is settled.
Offer and admission process

The selection of qualified applications for admission is based on the applicant’s choice of programme, admission quota of the programme concerned, documents submitted by the applicant and his/her performance in the admission examination.

Offer results will be released onCandidate Portalonly. We do not notify admission decisions by email or by any other means.

Applicants who wish to appeal their offer results should submit a written appeal to the Registry within 3 working days after the results are released. Late applications will not be entertained.

Applicants with an admission offer should download the offer letter and other relevant documents from the Candidate Portaland complete the admission procedures according to the instructions as stated.


Key Dates

Online Application】for admission via admission exams and
Application for exam exemption and/or bonus points scheme【Download Form】(in person)
01/12/2023 - 17/01/2024
Results  of exam exemption and bonus points scheme announced From Late Jan 2024
Download admission exams notice, specialised exams and interview arrangement Late Feb 2024
Download   JAE permit (for candidates taking the JAE) 06-17/03 2024
Admission exams (JAE, specialised exams and interviews) From March 2024
Release of admission results Candidate Portal From May 2024


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