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AIDD centre holds commencement ceremony for 2022 freshmen

On the afternoon of Sept. 21, AIDD centre welcomed its new freshmen at WUI CHI building. All teachers and students attended to this ceremony.

Date: 16 September 2022 (Friday) 2:30 PM
Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, 1/F, Wui Chi Building
No. Time Details
  2:30-2:45 PM 唐海誼主任做開幕致辭
Topic: Research ethics in artificial intelligence driven drug discovery
1 2:45-3:00 PM Topic: Study on mental health of left-behind children)
Report by: 翟小兵 (導師:唐海誼,李克峰)
2 3:00-3:15 PM Topic: Theoretical Design of High Efficiency Donor-Switch-Acceptor Organic Solar Cells
Report by: 焦芳芳 (導師:郭晶晶)
3 3:15-3:30 PM Topic: 烟蚜腸道細菌多樣性與烟鹼適應性的關係研究
Report by: 何寶玉 (導師:郭晶晶)
4 3:30-3:45 PM Topic: Design of Metal Modified Cathode Materials and Study of the Mechanism of Anchoring Lithium Polysulfide by These Materials
Report by: 周風宜 (導師:唐海誼,王鐸) 
5 3:45-4:00 PM Topic: General Mechanism of Drug-Target Recognition Investigated by Enhanced Sampling Algorithms
Report by: 王玲玲 (導師:劉煥香)
6 4:00-4:15 PM Topic: Construction of Interpretable Molecular Property Prediction Model and Application of Deep Generation Model in the Design of Agonists of GLP-1R
Report by: 田亞楠 (導師:劉煥香)
  4:15-4:25 PM Break
7 4:25-4:40 PM Topic: Transition metal catalyzed organic reactions: from experimental to theoretical studying
Report by: 嚴瀟 (導師:劉煥香)
8 4:40-4:55 PM Topic: Computer aided discovery of  diagnostic biomarker and novel active compound
Report by: 孟維宇 (導師:劉煥香)
9 4:55-5:10 PM Topic: Rational Design of Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting PD-L1
Report by: 龔曉慶 (導師:劉煥香)
10 5:10-5:25 PM Topic: Personalized Document-level Sentiment Analysis Based on User Correlation Mining
Report by: 丘佳悅 (導師:劉煥香)
11 5:25-5:40 PM Topic: Molecular mechanism study on the effect of proanthocyanidins on the aggregation of Prion and Tau Protein
Report by: 李沁 (導師:劉煥香)

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