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Group activity: Visiting the Maritime Silk Road and promoting friendship

The Maritime Silk Road is a maritime channel for transportation, trade, and cultural exchanges between ancient China and other countries in the world, and is of great and far-reaching significance. As a typical city for cultural exchange and integration between the East and the West, Macao has a strong cultural atmosphere of the Silk Road - "harmony but difference, beauty and common". The rich "Haisi" cultural heritage is a substantial witness of Macao as a world trade hub in history.

On December 11, 2022 (Sunday), under the leadership of Director Henry Tong along with staff, a group of 12 people set out from the Garsilan Park, crossed the antique cultural corridor to the Garsilan Fort, and then took a bus to the Oriental Fort. The lines of artillery seemed as solemn soldiers guarding the security of Macao. After learning about the military influence of the Oriental Fort on "Haisi", everyone moved to the Snow Notre Dame and the Haiya Notre Dame Church in turn. The cultural combination of western content and Chinese patterns deeply shocked everyone.

This team building activity with the "Maritime Silk Road" as the background not only broadened the vision of doctoral students, but also enriched their knowledge of "Maritime Silk Road", and more importantly, enhanced the team cohesion and a thriving team atmosphere.


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