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MPI Online Lectures on “Physical and Mental Adjustment during the Pandemic” to Bring Positive Energy

The MPI online lectures on “Physical and Mental Adjustment during the Pandemic” were successfully held on 14 and 18 May. The lectures “Physical and Mental Health Maintenance” and “Intimate Relationships Maintenance” were individually conducted by two assistant coordinators of the MPI Social Work programme, Lee Wai Lun and Lau Ping Kuen. The lectures aim to help Macao citizens to develop positive thinking and attitudes towards the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and life.

In the online lecture, Lee Wai Lun indicated that our thinking and emotions are easily affected by different information on the pandemic as well as by the stress in life and that may lead to mental fatigue. The lecture presents the audience “Mindfulness and Breathing Practice” as a simple and direct means to maintain their mind in peace and calm.

In the second lecture, Lau Ping Kuen pointed out that, “In times of prosperity or adversity, intimate partners as the essential pillar play an important role to give spiritual and emotional support. The lecture explored how psychological positions developed by the life experience influence the intimacy between partners. Meanwhile, self-awareness and effective communication can also contribute to maintain intimate relationships.

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