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University Teams

Macao Polytechnic University is dedicated to enhance students' diversified development, and has sports teams and speech & debating teams. MPU teams participate in both local and international competitions every year and made remarkable achievements.

University Teams include: Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Portuguese debating teams, athletics, dragon boat racing, football, badminton, basketball, volleyball and handball teams. Professional training will be arranged for the University Teams, and students will have opportunities to represent MPU in the local and international competitions.

Student who are interested to join the University Teams, please contact the Student Affairs Office:
Phone: 8599 6203 / 6121

Dragon Boat Team

Track and Field Team

Men's Basketball Team

Women's Basketball Team

Men's Volleyball Team

Women's Volleyball Team

Men's Handball Team

Women's Handball Team

Football Team

Badminton Team

Table Tennis Team

Cantonese Debate Team

Putonghua Debate Team

English Debate Team


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