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Macao Polytechnic University provides insurance coverage for degree programme students against accidents and for receiving medical treatments.

  • Accidents: The University arranges group insurance for all students every academic year against accidents that may occur to them during classes, staying at the student hostels, and participating in campus activities.
  • Medical Treatments: The University arranges medical insurance for non-local students every academic year, covering those inpatient services at the Conde de São Januário General Hospital, Kiang Wu Hospital and Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital, as well as the general western medicine, dermatology, basic gynecology and other outpatient services provided at those hospitals. Non-local students are required to pay the annual insurance fee before they start studying at the University. As for the local students, in addition to receiving primary health care at the health centers under the Macao Health Bureau free of charge and receiving specialised health care at the Conde de São Januário General Hospital with part of the medical fee waived, they can also subscribe to the paid medical insurance offered by the University.
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