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Headline:AIDD Student Seminar #2

活動名稱 Name of Event:

AIDD Student Seminar #2

活動日期 Date:

18/04/2023 (星期二 Tuesday)

活動時間 Time:

15:00-15:30: Novel antibiotics design and screening for brucellosis, by Qing Luo
15:30-16:00: Application of Molecular Simulation Methods in the Study of Potassium Ion Channels, by Lingling Wang
16:00-16:30: Next-generation Metabolomics: Harness the Power of Metabolism for Human Health, by Dr. Kefeng Li

活動地點 Venue:

Lecture Theatre 2, 1/F, Wui Chi Building, Macao Polytechnic University

主辦單位 Organiser:

Centre for Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Macao Polytechnic University

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Event Date:2023-04-18
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