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International Quality Review 2022 – Action Plan

Response to Recommendations


Response and Actions


Ensure a more consistent and robust approach to defining learning outcomes at programme and course level

This recommendation was made in light of the wording of learning outcomes and students’ awareness of their PILOs. New guidance will be introduced to further enhance the development and regular review of intended learning outcomes (ILOs) at both programme and module levels. The pro-forma for module outlines will be revised to incorporate a mapping between ILOs on both levels. This pro-forma will also allow ILOs required by PSRBs to be identified.

New guidelines to be launched in September 2022

New pro-forma to be launched in September 2022

All module outlines in the new pro-forma for use in 2023/2024

Develop a robust and systematic approach to assessing the achievement of learning outcomes

This recommendation was made regarding the perceived explicitness of the relationships between assessment and ILOs. The pro-forma for module outlines will be revised to incorporate a mapping between assessment activities and ILOs of respective learning modules, clearly defining and explicating the approach to assessing ILOs.

Pro-forma to be launched in September 2022

All module outlines in the new pro-forma for use in 2023/2024

Ensure a consistent implementation of the University's policy on academic integrity

This recommendation was made regarding the use of plagiarism detection software.

The University has been using Turnitin to detect plagiarism and the similarity reports are being used by the faculties to facilitate the academic judgement essential for identifying cases of plagiarism, as appropriate for different disciplines and different types of work.

To reinforce this common understanding and practice, guidelines will be further developed for both students and staff.

Guidelines to be launched in September 2022

Develop appropriate mechanisms to enable the systematic monitoring and evaluation of appeals and their outcomes across the University

Appeals are centrally managed by the Registry and considered by individual academic units. This recommendation is helpful for further enhancing student experience. A standard pro-forma with relevant appeal data will be provided to academic units to facilitate their end-of-year review, with the consolidated findings to be reviewed annually by the Senate on the university level.

Pro-forma to be launched in September 2022

Annual review cycle in 2021/2022 and onwards

Develop and implement a scheme that facilitates the development of new faculty members in learning, teaching and assessing in higher education

It has been mandatory for new faculty members to participate in the induction programme organised every year, which helps them adapt to the working environment and the delivery of education provision as implemented at the University. Mentorship has also been adopted as a means to provide on-the-job training and support in addition to various professional development opportunities available. On the basis of the measures described above, an enhanced framework for new faculty member development will be introduced.

Framework to be launched in September 2022

Make publicly available the minutes of future Council and Council standing committees redacting, as may be appropriate, commercially sensitive and confidential business

Redacted Council minutes will be published on the University website in the form of news articles.

Stated practice starting from December 2022

Revise its annual monitoring process and subsequent University oversight arrangements to ensure that student data is consistently presented and used to inform the development of the programme and that all Annual Programme Review Reports include an action plan

This recommendation reveals the need of more hands-on guidance across academic units. The pro-forma for annual programme review reports will be revised with enhanced guidance on review and actions. System-based integrated student data analyses will be enhanced electronically for review by the Senate and for use by academic units in subsequent annual programme reviews.

Pro-forma for use since the 2021/2022 review cycle

System-based student data analyses to be launched in the 2022/2023 review cycle

Response to Commendation


Response and Actions

The significant engagement of students in the University's research activity and dissemination

The University upholds the principle of research enhanced teaching, recognising the values brought to enhanced learning experience by engaging students in research activities. This practice will be maintained and continuously strengthened by creating more research engagement opportunities for students.

The comprehensive package of services and facilities to support student learning, wellbeing and development

The University is devoted to providing student-centred education, which provides students with opportunities to take ownership of their own education and develop in a way and at a pace they find suitable. Continuous efforts will be given to understand and respond to students’ evolving needs using diversified approaches, ensuring adequate provision of facilities and services to support their all-round development.


Date of launch: 26 August 2022


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