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Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation
(For Students from Portuguese Education Systems)

International Recognition

This programme is positively reviewed by A3ES (Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education, Portugal).


This programme aims at developing solid linguistic competences as well as professional knowledge related to the fields of Chinese to Portuguese and Portuguese to Chinese languages translation and interpretation.

During the first two years, emphasis is put on language and cultural skills, opening path to a more consistent practice of translating and interpreting in the following two years.

At completion of this programme, students are expected to be able to demonstrate, in proficient ways, their acquired communicate capabilities in both Chinese and Portuguese languages. Therefore, students should be able to confidently apply techniques and strategies to successfully achieve successful interpreting and translation.

Learning modules are lectured by a multicultural team of scholars, with established academic and professional experience in languages, literatures, cultures, translation and interpretation. The Faculty of Languages and Translation is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support the learning process and provide students with appropriate technical and professional training, namely through labs designed to the practices of languages and interpreting. 


4 years

Credit Requirements

166 credits

Teaching Language

Chinese and Portuguese


Day / evening

Career Prospects

Graduates will be able to apply their acquired knowledge as professional translators and interpreters with the public departments of the Macao SAR, private local and national organisations, consulates and embassies, lawyers’ offices, and media outlets.

Besides pursuing further studies in related areas, graduates may also be employed at varying professional positions in the Portuguese-speaking countries. 


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