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Language is the source of human civilization. In the interweaving multilingualism culture integration moment, language is not only the carrier of civilization, but also an important part of civilization ontology; translation is not only a rainbow bridge to communicate with the world, but also opens up the boundary of language and culture, thereby broadening the boundaries of thinking.

The century-old history of the Faculty of Languages and Translation is also a history of the systematic development and substantial progress of language and translation modules. For more than a hundred years, from its establishment as Chinese translation school to the present academic institution with a complete talent training system for undergraduates, masters and Ph.D., aside from trained up a large number of high-quality translation talents, achievements in the construction and development of modules, scientific research publications, professional training and other fields have been remarkable.

Based on multilingualism and featuring cross-cultural characteristics, the Faculty of Languages and Translation brings together a group of professional teachers with rich and diverse academic backgrounds, attracts many outstanding students from Macao, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, other regions in the Mainland and Portuguese-speaking countries. Learning from each other, teaching and research go hand in hand, sparks of thought collisions and interweaving of multiple languages ​​leading the cultural atmosphere of the college strong and unique.

The Faculty of Languages and Translation has benchmarked against international school-running standards and maintained good academic cooperation with many well-known institutions in the world. The Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation Programme as well as Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Programme have passed the academic review and obtained the accreditation of the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES) and the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA) respectively. Many programmes provide opportunities for students to go to language target countries for visit and exchange, immersing themselves in the new world brought by different languages ​​and multiculturalism.

In the new era, many smart technologies emerge in an endless stream, rapidly changing various language industries. From "language + technology" to "language technology", from the initial interdisciplinary to the emerging modules that are presently maturing, the cognitive dimension of language workers is constantly refreshing. The century-old history of the Faculty of Languages and Translation is not a shackle, but the foundation and connotation of absorbing and integrating new thoughts. For this reason, the Faculty constantly reforms the curriculum teaching system, while in-depth cooperation with different disciplines, strives to explore the new module space created by the blurred boundaries of disciplines. This is our response to new opportunities and challenges.

Language leads you to the world, translation brings you to the future.

Welcome to the Faculty of Languages and Translation of Macao Polytechnic University!

Zhang Yunfeng
Acting Dean, Faculty of Languages and Translation

Acting Dean of Faculty of Languages and Translation

Dr. Zhang Yunfeng

Associate Professor

Tel (853) 8599 6519
Fax (853) 2852 6535
Office Chi Un Building Room B204


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