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  1. Eligibility

    This exchange programme is a mandatory part of the Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation programme (hereinafter "Degree Programme"), and all eligible students as confirmed by the Faculty of Languages and Translation are obliged to take part in it and continue their 2nd-year study at Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (hereinafter "IPL").

    However, if you cannot participate in it for any reason (e.g. health problems), you must inform the Degree Programme's coordinator.

  2. Time and Duration

    This exchange programme lasts for one academic year and eligible students will continue their 2nd-year study at IPL, where they will attend the School of Education and Social Sciences.

  3. Academic Calendar

    Kindly refer to the IPL's website for its latest academic calendar.

  4. Tuition and Accommodation Expenditure in Portugal

    Tuition fees:

    Students only need to pay the MPU's tuition for the academic year when they go on exchange study at IPL, and there is no additional tuition payable to IPL.

    MPU's tuition

    Students enrolled in the programme from the 2022/2023 academic year should pay the accommodation fees of the exchange period. Accommodation will be arranged by the host institution in Portugal. The accommodation fee is charged according to the standard rate of a non-single room corresponding to the academic year of the Macao Polytechnic University, which is subject to adjustments made by MPU.

    Living Expenses:

    Transportation and related living expenses during the exchange in Portugal are to be borne by the student.

  5. Regulations, Guidelines and Legislations

    Exchange students must comply with the IPL's rules and regulations, in addition to the laws of Portugal.

Note:The above information are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the information published by MPU will prevail.
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