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Student Hostel Fees

Applicable to those students admitted in the academic year 2023/2024


Item Amount (MOP)
Non-single Room Single Room
Accommodation Fee
(For ten months)
20,000 45,000
Summer Accommodation Fee
(On a daily basis)
95 225
Hostel Deposit 2,000
Relocation Fee
(For every single time)
Electricity (kWh) 1.33
Water (m³) 6.04


  1. As shown above, the accommodation fee for an academic year includes water, gas, and a basic electricity quota of 110 kWh per month. The basic electricity usage includes in-room power consumption (calculated by meter reading) and the electrical consumption of high-power equipment outside a hostel room (calculated at a fixed rate). Electricity usage is settled twice every academic year, with any amount exceeding the basic quota being charged according to the table above.
  2. The summer accommodation fee shown in the table above includes water, electricity, and gas costs.
  3. The hostel deposit is a one-off payment payable upon checking in and conditionally refundable after completing the check-out process and settling all hostel-related fees. 
  4. For postgraduate students who have begun their studies during an academic year, the first academic year’s accommodation fee and basic electricity usage are calculated proportionally according to the number of months in residence (any portion less than one month is treated as a full month).
  5. The payment cycle for postgraduate students is on an annual basis, while the undergraduate students pay on a semester basis (i.e., twice per academic year).
  6. The above student hostel fees are subject to annual review and adjustment. Hostel students should pay the fees according to the latest standard rates in effect for that academic year.
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