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Subsidy Scheme for Student Exchange

I. Objective

The Subsidy Scheme for Student Exchange (the “Scheme”) aims to promote the cooperation between Macao Polytechnic University (the “University”) and institutions of higher learning or talent training institutions in different places (the “Partner Units”), to subsidise and promote student mobility under the relevant cooperation framework, to promote the exchanges among the youths, and to support the implementation of Macao’s Youth Policy.

II. Eligibility

The beneficiaries under the Scheme must fulfill all of the following conditions:

(1) To participate in the student mobility programmes (the “Student Mobility Programmes”) established in accordance with the agreements entered into between the University and the Partner Units (the “Agreements”);

(2) To complete the registration process of the University according to the Student Mobility Programmes.

III. Scope of Subsidy

The scope of subsidy under the Scheme is determined by the contents of the Agreements and may include one or more of the following fee items relating to the Student Mobility Programmes: tuition, accommodation, insurance, allowance for living in Macao, or any other admission-related fees.

IV. Disbursement

The subsidy under the Scheme is disbursed according to the methods as stipulated in the Agreements, which may include but are not limited to the following ways. No application is required.

1. Waiver of fees payable to the University;

2. Direct payment of subsidy money.

V. Obligations

The beneficiaries under the Scheme are required to perform the following obligations:

1. To pay any fees due to the University outside the scope of subsidy under the Agreements with reference to the fee standards and payment rules set by the University;

2. To study the academic programmes according to the Student Mobility Programmes;

3. To not accept any other concurrent financial assistance provided by the University and the public departments or entities of the Macao Special Administrative Region for student exchange, and to provide accurate information and make declarations truthfully;

4. To comply with the University’s rules and regulations concerning student discipline.

VI. Consequences of Non-Performance

1. If the beneficiaries under the Scheme do not perform the obligations as stipulated in Paragraphs 1 to 4 of the preceding article, their participation in the Student Mobility Programmes and entitlement to the subsidy of the University will be automatically terminated and they must return to the University the subsidy money granted when the relevant obligations were not performed.

2. During the procedures relating to the Scheme, those who have made untruthful declarations, provided false information or obtained the benefits under the Scheme by any illegal means shall bear the administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities under the law, and should return to the University the monetary value granted under the Scheme.

VII. Final Provisions

Questions and omissions arising from the implementation of the Scheme should be resolved by the University’s Administrative Board.


Updated on 19 September 2022

This English version is a translation of the original scheme in Chinese. For any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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