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National Flag Team

The Flag Raising Team aims to strengthen students’ education in patriotism, enhance their sense of identity and belonging to the motherland, and pass on the tradition of loving the country and Macao. The Team is composed of students from different academic disciplines and holds flag-raising ceremonies at major university events and ceremonies. As long as you are passionate and devoted to your country, you are welcome to join the National Flag Team, shoulder the mission of guarding the national flag together!

Contact: Mr. Cheung, Student Affairs Office
Phone: 8599 6676

Sustainable Development Society

The Sustainable Development Society is a dynamic student organisation dedicated to advancing the principles and goals outlined by the United Nations for sustainable development. Committed to creating a positive impact within the MPU community and beyond, the society strives to raise awareness, educate, and actively engage in initiatives that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Through collaborative efforts and innovative projects, the society aims to contribute meaningfully towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Contact: Mr. Chau, Student Affairs Office
Phone: 8599 6553
"Love This Planet" Environmental Campaign
Visiting Cotai Ecological Zone
Exploring Seac Pai Van Wetland
Visiting Electronic and Electrical Equipment Recycling Plant

Macao Polytechnic University Students’ Union

The Macao Polytechnic University Students’ Union was established in 1993 as the representative organisation of the students of the Macao Polytechnic University. With a student-centric approach, its objectives include advocating for and safeguarding students’ rights, seeking welfare, uniting students, and enhancing students’ sense of belonging to the university. It also serves as a bridge between students and the university, the university and other higher education institutions, educational and social organisations, striving for progress in synchronisation with the times.

Contact Information

Phone: 8599 3118

Signature Event - Farewell to School Uniform Night

Signature Event - MPU's Got Talents

Caritas Charity Bazaar

Intervarsity Tabletop Game Cup

Graduation Dinner

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