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Scholarship Schemes

I. Objective

The Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding Academic Achievement (the “Scholarship”) of Macao Polytechnic University (the “University”) aims to encourage the undergraduates of the University to continuously pursue academic excellence and to nurture outstanding professionals for social advancement.

II. Eligibility

The Scholarship is awarded to students who were admitted in or before the academic year 2023/2024 and have fulfilled all of the following conditions:

1. Being a current student of one of the Bachelor’s degree programmes (the “Programmes”) of the University;

2. Being in the first, second and third years of study, counted from the year of admission;

3. Attaining the highest cumulative GPA, as compared with those of their peers from the same Programmes and same years of study at the end of that academic year.

III. Evaluation Procedures

The awardee list is compiled at the end of an academic year with reference to the provisions in Article II, and it will be submitted to the University’s Administrative Board for approval after being endorsed by the Head of the academic unit to which the awardees belong.

IV. Monetary Value

The monetary value of the Scholarship is half of the annual tuition fee payable by the awardees.

V. Disbursement

1. The awardees are exempted from paying half of the annual tuition fee in the following academic year.

2. The Scholarship, being a one-off prize, is not renewable.

VI. Obligations

The Scholarship awardees are required to perform the following obligations:

1. To settle any fees payable with reference to the tuition and other fee standards and payment rules set by the University;

2. To study the Programmes according to the study plans published in the Official Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region, and to not suspend or withdraw from studying the Programmes during the academic year when their tuition fee is partly exempted under Paragraph 1 of Article V;

3. To not accept any other concurrent financial assistance provided by the University and the public departments or entities of the Macao Special Administrative Region in recognition of academic performance, and to provide accurate information and make declarations truthfully;

4. To participate in at least ten activities registered in the University’s e-Portfolio system during the academic year when their tuition fee is partly exempted under Paragraph 1 of Article V.

VII. Consequences of Non-Performance

1. If the awardees fail to perform any of the obligations under Paragraphs 1 to 4 of Article VI, the Scholarship is automatically terminated, and they must return to the University the monetary value of their tuition fee exempted when the relevant obligations were not performed.

2. The Scholarship can also be suspended or terminated according to the rules and regulations concerning student discipline.

3. During the procedures relating to the Scholarship, those who have made untruthful declarations, provided false information or obtained the benefits under the Scholarship by any illegal means shall bear the administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities under the law, and should return to the University the monetary value granted under the Scholarship.

VIII. Questions and Omissions

Questions and omissions arising from the implementation of this scheme should be resolved by the University’s Senate.


Updated on 7 June 2023

This English version is a translation of the original scheme in Chinese. For any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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