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Training Scheme for Local Undergraduate

I. Objective

  • In line with the Macao Special Administrative Region Government’s policy of supporting the local youths’ development, the University’s local undergraduate students are offered training opportunities at the University’s various internal units in order to encourage them to make good use of their extracurricular time during their undergraduate study to acquire relevant professional skills and accumulate working experience, thereby enriching their resumes, fostering in them a positive working attitude, and promoting their professional development.

II. Nature and Contents

  1. ​Participation in this training scheme is voluntary.
  2. The contents of this training scheme are academic activities related to University’s learning and academic research, and the learning contents include:

    (1) Auxiliary work such as administrative assistance, data handling and file management;
    (2) Auxiliary work for academic research;
    (3) Auxiliary work for organising activities;
    (4) Auxiliary work for public services.

III. Eligibility

  • Current local students (who must be Macao residents) enrolled in a full-time bachelor’s degree programme of the University are eligible to participate in this training scheme.

IV. Application and Selection

  1. The application and selection criteria are set by the training units, which conduct the selection of applicants accordingly. The relevant units reserve the right of final decision on the selection results.
  2. Those students who are interested in this training scheme can submit their applications to the Student Affairs Office.

V. Obligations

  1. Those students who undertake training activities should participate according to the arrangements of the training units and comply the arrangements and guidance of the training units’ personnel.
  2. Those students who undertake training should keep confidential the non-public information to which they have become privy as a result of their training.

VI. Disqualification

  • During the training period, if the following situations occur, those students concerned will be discontinued from receiving further training:

    (1) Failure to comply the arrangements and guidance of the training units’ personnel, and the person in charge of the training unit believes that the circumstances of this failure are serious;
    (2) Being subject to disciplinary action for violating the University’s regulations.

VII. Training Hours and Allowance

  1. In all circumstances, the total number of hours each student can undertake training each week must not exceed 15.
  2. Those students who have undertaken training activities are entitled to allowances as calculated with reference to the number of training hours and the hourly rate as announced by the University in due course.


(This English version is a translation of the original regulations in Chinese. For any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.)


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