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Examination Regulations for Students

Effective since April 24, 2017

Area of Application:

All final and re-sit examinations of the degree programmes of Macao Polytechnic University (MPU).


These Examination Regulations are designed to ensure the smooth and proper running of the final and re-sit examinations of MPU programmes.


  1. Preparations for the Examination

    1. An examination timetable will be published in the ‘General Information for Students’ web page of the MPU website and posted on notice boards of Registry. Students should check the footnotes detailed on the examination timetable including the dates, times and examination venues for their examinations. For questions regarding examination time conflict, students should report to Registry (Room A101) immediately.
    2. In order NOT to miss the announcements made by the chief invigilator or the working staff at the start of the examination, students should arrive at the examination venue punctually.
    3. Students are prohibited from using electronic dictionaries.
    4. Unless prior permission has been given, students are not permitted to take into the examination venue calculators, books and papers of any kind. Those students who do take anything impermissible into the examination venue will have their case handled by the Academic Unit Examination Committee and Student Affairs Office according to the circumstances.
    5. Students should present their student cards or the valid identification documents used for registration to the invigilator, and occupy their seats according to the examination seating plan.
    6. If a student’s name is not listed on the examination seating plan or has been crossed out (i.e. his/her attendance does not satisfy the requirements of the Pedagogical Regulations), and the student is lodging an appeal regarding his/her attendance rate, he/she should complete a ‘Provisional Examinee Declaration Form’ and submit the application to the invigilator, and then wait for the invigilator’s decision.
    7. Students should keep quiet in the examination venue and its vicinity.
  2. Admission of Students to the Examination Venue

    1. Students should not enter the examination venue until permitted to do so by an invigilator. Upon entering the examination venue, students must comply with the instructions given by the invigilators.
    2. Students are not permitted to take the examination if arriving after the first 30 minutes of the examination. Students who arrive within 30 minutes after the examination begins will be permitted to take the examination but no compensatory time will be allowed for latecomers.
    3. Students should switch off all communication devices and apparatus which could create a noise (e.g. mobile phones, pagers, watches, etc.).
    4. Only stationery and essential items for the examination are allowed in the examination venue. Personal belongings should be kept in students’ lockers whenever possible.
    5. Students must place their (i) student card, or (ii) the valid identification document which was used for registration, at the top left hand corner of the examination desk for inspection by invigilators. Any cases of discrepancy between the identity of a student and his/her identification document will be handled by the Student Affairs Office.
    6. Except for student cards, only examination stationery can be placed on the examination desk (e.g. writing instruments, erasers, correction fluid, rulers, etc.). Any pencil case/box should be placed under the seat.
    7. Students should ensure that there are no paper or notes in the pencil case/box or calculator jacket.
    8. Students should not turn the examination papers over until the chief invigilator makes an announcement for the start of the examination.
  3. During the Examination

    1. Students should pay attention to the directions stated on the cover page of the examination paper or at the beginning of each question. They should also listen carefully to the announcements made by the chief invigilator.
    2. Students must fill in the student and course information on the first page of the answer booklet.
    3. If there are any questions , students should raise their hands to ask the invigilator.
    4. Students should check if the examination paper is the right one with the correct class code for their course.
    5. If students have questions regarding the examination paper, they should raise them to the invigilator during the first hour of the examination.
    6. Smoking, eating, drinking and talking are prohibited in the examination venue. Students may ask the invigilator for water in order to take medicine if necessary.
    7. Students wishing to go to the washroom must raise their hands to get permission from the invigilator of their academic unit, sign a report and be accompanied by the invigilator/staff. Students who leave the examination venue unaccompanied by an invigilator cannot return to the examination venue to continue the examination.
    8. Students are not allowed to leave the examination venue in the first 45 minutes and last 15 minutes of the examination, except for cases of illness or emergency. Students who wish to leave the examination venue early should raise their hands to get permission from the invigilator of the academic unit before leaving.
    9. At the end of the examination, the chief invigilator or the working staff will announce that the examination is finished. At this time, students must stop writing and remain seated in silence. Students should not leave the examination venue until the invigilator has collected and counted the examination scripts, and only when the chief invigilator or the working staff has made an announcement regarding leaving the examination venue.
    10. Students should not take away any examination materials, including examination papers and answer booklets (papers), etc., from the examination venue.
    11. Students must follow the chief invigilator’s instructions if anything untoward happens during the examination.
  4. Emergencies

    1. In the event of emergencies (e.g. fire) in the examination venue, students should follow the invigilator’s instructions.
    2. If an examination is suspended due to an emergency, students should pay attention to the newest arrangement notice on the MPU website, and the notice boards of the Registry.
  5. Typhoons and Rainstorms

    Please refer to the related web page of the Student Corner on the MPU website.

In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version will prevail.

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