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Student Corner


Student counsellors here at MPU provide professional counselling services for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. We care about their physical and mental health and walk side by side with them on the path of pursuing academic excellence to a fuller and brighter future.


In order to help students develop healthily and respond to the needs of personal growth, student counsellors are tasked with assessing  freshmen’s psychological wellness, visiting regularly any non-local students who reside at MPU student hostels, counselling those in need individually and in groups, and providing advice to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. Student counsellors also organise activities facilitative of well-rounded personal growth as well as those of a preventive nature so that students can handle with confidence the challenges they encounter on campus and further develop their ability to think independently and solve problems.


  • Lai Sio Ieng, Priscilla – (853) 8599 6139
  • Ho Tat Pan, Thomas – (853) 8599 6141

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday   09:00-13:00, 14:30-17:45

Friday                          09:00-13:00, 14:30-17:30

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays


Office:    Student Affairs Office, Room A119, Block A, Chi Un Building, Macao Main Campus

Telephone:     (853) 8599 6141 / 6139

Fax:                (853) 2870 6747


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