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  1. Where can I obtain information about scholarships?

    Information can be accessed on the University's website (Scholarships). Alternatively, students can come to the Student Affairs Office (Room A119) or contact Ms Lei (8599 6465) for any enquiries.
  2. Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

    Currently, scholarships that are open to students for application include:

    1. The Alumni Association All-Rounders Scholarships (for Bachelor Degree students);
    2. MPU Heritage Scholarships (a one-time scholarship sponsored by an MPU alumnus, the Student Affairs Office will announce the news to students via notice);
    3. Master's Degree or Doctorate Scholarships sponsored by outside organizations (availability will be subject to the organization’s actual sponsorship that year, the Student Affairs Office will announce the news to students via notice or email).

    All the other scholarships are selected by the University according to the student’s year-end academic performance (cumulative GPA), programmes, year of study etc. Generally speaking, students who rank high in the programme have a better chance of being awarded scholarships.

  3. What is 'cumulative GPA'?

    Cumulative GPA is the Total (credits x grade point average) ÷ Total credits. Whether or not a student will be awarded a scholarship depends on the cumulative GPA, not the GPA of any individual year.
  4. Do all scholarships have the same value?

    Scholarship values depend on the value approved by the University and / or donated by sponsors; amounts starting from a few thousand patacas.
  5. How are scholarships distributed?

    Scholarships are distributed in three ways: 1) tuition fee reduction, 2) cash (cheques issued by sponsors), 3) subsidies for exchange programmes (coverage of part of or all of the expenses of the exchange programme).
  6. I know that my cumulative GPA is higher than that of the scholarship student, but I am not awarded a scholarship. Why not?

    All scores are computerized and positions are ranked via the system. Scholarships are offered according to the position a student holds in the programme. However, the University also has to ensure that the students getting the scholarships comply with the conditions required by the sponsors, such as major, place of origin, year of study etc. For example, a sponsor requires the scholarship to be offered to a 4th-year local graduate of the Visual Design Programme, and it happens that the second but not the first student in the programme is a local. The scholarship would then be awarded to the second student.
  7. Is there a maximum value for the scholarship(s) a student can receive?

    In order to be fair to all students, each student is in principle only entitled to receive one scholarship. However, should a student meet the criteria of two different scholarships they may be awarded both.

    If a student has already received a scholarship with a full tuition fee reduction, any further scholarship awarded with tuition fee reduction will carry no more monetary value, but the award will be marked in the student’s record. If the additional scholarship awarded is offered in cash, a student is entitled to receive it as long as he/she meets the criteria for it.

  8. When is the annual scholarship final list confirmed?

    The final list is confirmed around early August each year. Successful students will receive a letter of notification and an invitation to the Scholarship Award Ceremony.
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