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To encourage Macao's excellent students to enroll in the Higher degree programmes offered by Macao Polytechnic University (MPU), MPU has established the “Scholarship for Excellent New Students of Bachelor Degree Programmes” (hereinafter “scholarship”).


Students who have enrolled on Bachelor Degree Programmes offered by MPU are eligible and shall be selected according to the results of their admission exam (based on the requirements of the different programmes, including marks of written exams, interviews or specific exams). The list of recommended students will be sent to the University's Administrative Board for approval by the Student Affairs Office. Students who have been awarded scholarships or have received grants from other organizations are still eligible for the scholarship, provided that there is no conflict with existing related regulations.


The quota of scholarships will depend upon the number of classes required for the different programmes (one quota for each class).

Value of the Scholarship

50% of the annual tuition fee of the programme the recipient has been accepted for will be discounted, provided that the recipient has submitted the first semester's tuition fee of the immediate academic year.

Duration of the Scholarship

The University will issue the scholarships annually, once the recipients begin their studies at the University. The duration of the scholarship will cover the time span of the recipient's programme (according to the time span stipulated by the study plan published in the government's gazette). However, if the recipient encounters circumstances as indicated below during his/her studies, the scholarship will be terminated.

Termination of Scholarship

Recipients must study their programme according to the study plan stipulated in the government's gazette. Moreover, at the end of each academic year, the recipient's cumulative GPA must rank among the top 25% in the level of his/her programme (with the same teaching language and mode of study). If recipients defer their studies, withdraw from their study, or fail in any subjects by the end of the academic year, their scholarships will be terminated automatically.

Remarks: MPU reserves the right to amend the details of the implementation of the scholarship at its discretion.

This English version is a translation of the original regulations in Chinese. For any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
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