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MPU Students Care for the Underprivileged in Charitable Fellowship Programme

MPU students delivered seasonal blessings to children of Macau Down Syndrome Association

MPU students celebrated a warm Christmas with the children of Macau Down Syndrome Association

In order to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and vocation, and to enhance care for the underprivileged while encouraging students to serve the community, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic University organised the MPU Charitable Fellowship Programme to pay a visit to the Macau Down Syndrome Association. Through the event, students can understand in-depth the daily life and learning method of the Down Syndrome children, enlightened by the support provided by the non-profit organization towards the underprivileged. It was also a chance to take advantage of the joyful festival to interact with this special community, promoting the spirit of fraternity and positivity with season's greetings.

Ms Jocelina, a student from Cape Verde majoring in International Chinese Language Education, stated that from the children's perspective all people are born with equality and there is zero racism. She experienced the purest happiness from the children and learnt the truth that simplicity is key to achievement. Her Christmas wish is world peace so that every child can live a happy childhood. Mr Kuok, a student majoring in Social Work, said being optimistic and enthusiastic is in the children's nature so being born with Down Syndrome does not affect their ability to be happy, and their angelic laughter breaks all barriers and touches everyone's heart.

MPU has always attached great importance to students' holistic development; since it was established, the MPU Charitable Fellowship Programme has served this purpose each semester by encouraging students to participate in the community and contribute their knowledge to society in establishing a harmonious social atmosphere.

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