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MPI Students' Safety Alert Heightened at Fire Station and Museum

MPI students visited the Central Action Station of the Fire Services Bureau.

For the purpose of strengthening and educating students about fire safety and correct methods of fire prevention, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) organised a field visit to the Fire Services Museum. With this opportunity, MPI students learned about the history of the Fire Services Bureau. Moreover, the Fire Services Bureau arranged a lecture on “Fire Prevention and Ambulance Knowledge”, and accompanied students to visit the Central Action Station and introduced the routine duties of a firefighter. Through this visit, MPI students could understand the importance of fire safety and the fire rescue service.

By looking around the displayed hand water pumps from the past, the fire truck in the 1950s and other fire-fighting equipment in the Fire Services Museum, MPI students learned about the development of the Fire Services Bureau. Afterwards, the representative of the Fire Services Bureau delivered a lecture of “Fire Prevention and Ambulance Knowledge”, explaining to students the causes of fire, knowledge of fire extinguishing and the principles of fire escape. In addition, the firefighters introduced the equipment used by the ambulance service, the correct procedures for wound treatment and the ways to call the ambulance service. Moreover, MPI students were arranged to visit the Central Action Station, to get a feel for various fire-fighting tools, and to experience operating the fire hose reel and water jet.

Ms. Zhao, who is majoring in music, said that this activity was instructive. Her previous concept of fire escape was corrected and she learned about fire prevention and self-rescue. Mr. Zhang of the e-commerce programme indicated that this was his first time to get on the fire truck and ambulance, and he was very interested in the equipment on the vehicles. The firefighter’s explanation also gave him a further understanding of the fire-fighting equipment. He was deeply affected by the firefighters’ spirits of self-sacrifice. Under the firefighter’s guidance, Mr. Wang of the computing programme experienced water jetting. He admired the firefighters' well-trained skills, and was impressed by the mission of a firefighter.

Macao Polytechnic Institute is committed to cultivate students with a positive self-regard and living philosophy. Through a variety of activities, students can acquire a wide range of knowledge to enhance their awareness of different aspects of life, so that they can study and live with an optimistic attitude. The Student Affairs Office hopes that this activity would help students understand the necessity of implementing fire safety into their daily lives, and to strengthen their capacities in responding to fires and emergencies.

MPI students learned about the routine duties of a firefighter.
An MPI student experienced water jetting under the firefighter’s guidance.


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