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MPU Students Capitalise on Leisure Time at Happy Summer Series Activities

To capitalise on leisure time, enhance students' development of physical and mental health, cultivate the good psychological quality of university students and build a fruitful university life, the Student Affairs Office of the Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) recently held the "Happy Summer Series Activities", providing workshops in the area of arts and stress relief for students so that they can discover themselves, inspire creativity, relieve stress and be charged up for the coming new academic year.

The "Happy Summer Series Activities" attracted the participation of more than a hundred students, and activities included "Pour Over Coffee Brewing", "Decoupage Art", "Traditional Purse Making", "Study-Life Balance Workshop" and "Rice Dumpling Workshop". Mr Chan, who is majoring in Management, said that he learnt about the basic characteristics of coffee, as well as how to relax and appreciate life through the experience of coffee brewing during the workshop of "Pour Over Coffee Brewing". Miss Choi, who is majoring in Social Work, expressed her great satisfaction in taking the "Happy Summer Series Activities", allowing her to improve her artistic creativity, discover her own interests, and to use the summer vacation to learn handicraft skills, so enhancing the joy of life.

MPU has always attached great importance to students' diversified development and the cultivation of their physical and mental well-being. The Student Affairs Office continues to organise different activities to enhance students' whole person development, improve their physical and mental well-being, encourage students to balance their studies and lives while making good use of their spare time, and to build rich and positive university lives.


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