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MPU Hosts Seminar on Intergrated Evaluation of Schools

MPU held seminar on integrated evaluation for non-tertiary education.

In order to help prospective graduates understand the concept, purpose and role of the new model of integrated evaluation for non-tertiary education, as well as to prepare them for the workplace, the Education and Youth Development Bureau recently organised a seminar on integrated evaluation for non-tertiary education at Macao Polytechnic University. The event attracted nearly 100 students and teachers from education-related fields who attended and exchanged ideas.

During the seminar, Miss Ao In Heng, a school inspector, and two experienced teachers gave a presentation to students on the concept of the new model of integrated evaluation, as well as the three major areas involved: school leadership, curriculum and teaching, and student support. The speakers introduced the various indicators of school ratings and the details of the evaluation process, providing a concrete workflow for education major students so that they can better adapt to their profession in the future. During the seminar, the speakers also shared their work and experiences regarding student assessment, homework and school bag weight reduction, and showed real examples of yearly reports. They shared their practical experiences with students and communicated with both students and teachers, offering tremendous help to them.

The Macao Polytechnic University always cares about the career prospects of students and cooperates with various organisations to organise Career Days and career talks every year. MPU also actively organises trips to major enterprises in Macao to enhance students' career competitiveness and assist prospective graduates in their career planning, contributing to the broadening of Macao's talent pool.

School inspector promoted the new model of integrated evaluation.


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