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Macao Social Policy Model

Dr Lin Wai Leung Dicky
Associate Professor (Social Work Programme) from School of Public Administration

Macao Foundation & Guangdong Social Sciences Association
The First Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
Nomination Prize (Monograph)

This research was sponsored by Macao Polytechnic Institute. Its aim is to explore social policy model of Macao. The analysis is based on the existing social policy institutions in Macao. It is found that the Macao government has a strong preference for free market capitalism and is strongly adhered to the philosophy of “limited-interventionism” in its policy-making. Consequently, the social policy is subordinated to the economic policy. The Macao government is willing to launch a relatively large scale of social measures which are only conducive to social investment, promoting social solidarity and the spirit of striving. Dr Lai asserts that the development of the social rights is limited and the social policy cannot significantly tackle the social stratification in the society. He concludes that Macao can be regarded as a case of the “facilitative-productivist” welfare regime.

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