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Spanish Missionaries during the Ming & Qing Dynasties

Dr Choi Wai Hao
Director of School of Languages & Translation

Macao Foundation & Guangdong Social Sciences Association
The Second Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
Third Prize (Monograph)

The Roman Catholic missions in China focus on the missionary journeys of the Jesuit Order. The “Franciscan Order”, the second largest Catholic body, has not received adequate attention in the past as a Jesuit Order. Dr Choi’s award-winning monograph bridges this gap. This book is published by Chung Hwa Book Co. and provides a detailed study of the Franciscan Order’s mission in China during the period from 1579 to 1732. Dr Choi also analyses the position of the Franciscan Order in the Chinese Rite Controversy.

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