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Science Citation Index (SCI / SCIE)
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Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)
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Engineering Index (EI)
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Remarks:Authors highlighted in bold characters are from MPI; IFR stands for impact factor ranking.
部門名稱 (Abbreviation of Department)
ESAP: 公共行政高等學校
School of Public Administration
ESCE: 管理科學高等學校
School of Business
ESEFD: 體育暨運動高等學校
School of Physical Educational and Sports
ESLT: 語言暨翻譯高等學校 
School of Languages and Translation
ESS: 高等衛生學校 
School of Health Sciences
GTRC: 博彩教學暨研究中心 
Gaming Teaching and Research Centre
MPI-QMUL: 理工-倫敦大學瑪麗皇后學院資訊系統研究中心
MPI-QMUL Information Systems Research Centre (ISRC)
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