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Name Paper Title Journal (Issue) Department
Chan Ka Yin A Statistical Methodology to Simplify Software Metric Models Constructed Using Incomplete Data Samples International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 17(6), 689-707 ESCE
Lai Tsz Ming
To Wai Ming

W. C. Lo
Y. S. Choy
Modeling of Electricity Consumption in the Asian Gaming and Tourism Center-Macao SAR, People’s Republic of China Energy, 33(5), 679-688 ESCE
Lau Ying
Daniel Fu Keung Wong
K. S. Chan
The Impact and Cumulative Effects of Intimate Partner Abuse During Pregnancy on Health-Related Quality of Life among Hong Kong Chinese women Midwifery, 24(1), 22-37 ESS
Daniel Fu Keung Wong
K. S. Chan
Lau Ying
The Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Version of the Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale Form A (DAS-A) in a Community Sample International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, 38(2), 141-152 ESS
Lei Iun Fan
Paul Roffey
Chris Blanchard
Gu Ken Qin
Development of a Multiplex PCR Method for the Detection of Six Common Foodborne Pathogens Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 16(4), 37-43 ESS
Nie Jinlei
T. K. Tong
Shi Qingde
H. Lin
J. Zhao
Y. Tian
Serum Cardiac Troponin Response in Adolescents Playing Basketball International Journal of Sports Medicine, 29 (6), 449-452 ESEFD
L. L. Yeung
To Wai Ming
Size Distributions of the Aerosols Emitted from Commercial Cooking Processes Indoor and Built Environment, 17(3), 220-229 ESCE
To Wai Ming
Yu Tat Wai
Lai Tsz Ming
Li Siu Pan
Characterization of Commercial Clothes Dryers Based on Energy-Efficiency Analysis International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 19(5), 277-290 ESCE
Tong Hoi Yee
Boris Y. Shekunov Peter York
Albert H. L. Chow
Influence of Operating Temperature and Pressure on the Polymorphic Transition of Salmeterol Xinafoate in Supercritical Fluids Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 97(2), 1025-1029 ESS
Tong Hoi Yee
H. B. Wu
Y. Zheng
J. Xi
H. L. Chow
Chak K. Chan
Physical Characterization of Oleanolic Acid Nonsolvate and Solvates Prepared by Solvent Recrystallization International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 355(1-2), 195-202 ESS
Kwok Chow
Tong Hoi Yee
Susan Lum
Albert H. L. Chow
Engineering of Pharmaceutical Materials – An Industrial Perspective Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 97(8), 2855-2877 ESS
Tom K. Tong
Frank H. Fu
Pak K. Chung
Roger Eston
Kui Lu
Binh Quach
Nie Jinlei
Raymond So
The Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training on High-Intensity, Intermittent Running Performance to Exhaustion Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 33(4), 671-681 ESEFD
Lai Sau Ling
Efraim Turban
Group Formation and Operations in the Web 2.0 Environment and Social Networks Group Decision and Negotiation, 17(5), 387-402 ESCE
Lai Wai Leung The Regulatory Role of Social Policy: Macao’s Social Security Development Journal of Contemporary Asia, 38(3), 373-394 ESAP
Yu Tat Wai
To Wai Ming
Effects of Control Mechanisms on Positive Organizational Change Journal of Organizational Change Management, 21(3), 385-404 ESCE
Y. Wang
L. Cuthbert
A Global Optimisation Algorithm for 802.11 WLAN Radio Resource Management Proceedings of International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing 2007 (WiCom 2007), Shanghai, China, Sept 2007, 2144-2147 QMUL
Xu Yang
John Bigham
Utility Based Semi-Adaptive Call Admission Control Proceedings of International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing 2007 (WiCom 2007), Shanghai, China, Sept 2007, 795-798 QMUL
Cheong Ngai Modelling of Multirate Switched-Capacitor Filter Using Nonlingear Programming International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 28(2), 215-218 ESAP
部門名稱 (Abbreviation of Department)
ESAP: 公共行政高等學校 School of Public Administration
ESCE: 管理科學高等學校 School of Business
ESEFD: 體育暨運動高等學校 School of Physical Educational and Sports  
ESS: 高等衛生學校  School of Health Sciences
QMUL: 理工倫敦大學瑪麗皇后學院資訊系統研究中心  MPI-QMUL Information Systems Research Centre
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