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Name Paper Title Journal (Issue) Department
Lau Ying
Daniel F. K. Wong
The Role of Social Support in Helping Chinese Women With Perinatal Depressive Symptoms Cope With Family Conflict Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing(also listed in SSCI), 37(5) ESS
Liu Ming
Yin Lei
Estela Ma
Siuha Lo
Lingxia Zeng
Competency Inventory for Registered Nurses in Macao: Instrument Validation Journal of Advanced Nursing (with an impact factor ranked sixth and fifth in SCI and SSCI respectively in Nursing), 65(4) ESS
Tong Hoi Yee
Sammas Y. S. Wong
Marcus W. L. Law
Kevin K. W. Chu
Albert H. L. Chow
Anti-hygroscopic Effect of Dextrans in Herbal Formulations International Journal of Pharmaceutics (with an impact factor among those of the top 50% journals in Pharmacology & Pharmacy), 363(2008) ESS
Lam Lau
Lau Ying
Ying Hon Lau
Prevalence and Correlates of Influenza Vaccination among Non-institutionalized Elderly People: An Exploratory Cross-sectional Survey International Journal of Nursing Studies (with an impact factor ranked second in both SCI and SSCI in Nursing), 46(6) ESS
Yuqiong Wang
Xiujing Guo
Lau Ying
Kin Sin Chan
Lei Yin
Jing Chen
Psychometric Evaluation of the Mainland Chinese Version of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale among Chengdu Antenatal Women International Journal of Nursing Studies (with an impact factor ranked second in both SCI and SSCI in Nursing), 46(6) ESS
Sally Wai-chi Chan
Bill Yip
Steve Tso
Cheng Bing Shu
Wilson Tam
Evaluation of a Psychoeducation Program for Chinese Clients with Schizophrenia and Their Family Caregivers Patient Education and Counseling (with an impact factor among those of the top 35% SCI journals in Environmental and Occupational Health Public, and ranked second in SSCI in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences), 75(1) ESS
Xu Zhang
Guo-Xi Zhang
Bao-Jun Wang
Xin Ma
Bin Fu
Tao-Ping Shi
Lang Bin
Chao Wang
Zheng-Hua Ju
Xing Ai
Zhun Wu
A Multimodal Training Program for Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty Journal of Endourology, 23(2) ESS
Lung Wing Yi Discursive Hierarchical Patterning in Law and Management Cases English for Specific Purposes (with an impact factor among those of the top 50% journals in Linguistics), 27(4) ESCE
Sheng Li
Tsui Yan Ming
Casino Booms and Local Politics: The City of Macao Cities, 26(2) GTRC
Lai Sau Ling A Social Capital Perspective of Travellers’ Participation in Web-Based Social Networking Communities Conference Web Based Communities 2009, Hotel Tivoli Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal, June 2009 ESCE
Lai Sau Ling So Far Away, Yet So Near: Social Connectedness of Travellers on Social Networking Sites The IADIS International Conference e-Commerce 2008, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 2008 ESCE
Yu Tat Wai The Role of Information Quality in TAM for Product Review on Bulletin Board The IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology 2009, Beijing, China, August 2009 ESCE
Lei Iat Seng
Wong Kin Yeung
The Multiple-Touch User Interface Revolution IT Professional, 11 (1) ESAP
Tang Su Kit
Wong Kin Yeung

K. H. Yeung
Record Path Header for Triangle Routing Attacks in IPv6 Networks WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 7(12), 1202-1211. ESAP
Laurissa Tokarchuk
Karen Shoop
Athen Ma
Using Co-presence Communities to Enhance Social Recommendation The 6th International Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services, Special Session: Social Networks, Snowbird, Utah, USA, February 2009 QMUL
Haris Pervaiz
John Bigham
Peng Jiang
Mei Pou Chan
A Game Theoretic based Call Admission Control Scheme for Competing WiMAX Networks The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication (IC-4), Feb 2009, Karachi, Pakistan QMUL
S. Y. Hui
K. H. Yeung
Wong Kin Yeung
Optimal Placement of Mesh Points in a Wireless Mesh Network using Multi-path Routing Protocol The IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing, Shanghai, China, Oct 2008 ESAP
Lei Wang
Eleonore De. Vial
Laurissa Tokarchuk
Yapeng Wang
Athen Ma
Blue Danger: Live Action Gaming over Bluetooth The 6th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference IEEE CCNC 2009 Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment, Las Vegas, USA, Jan 2009 ESAP
部門名稱 (Abbreviation of Department)
CG: 理事會  Board of Management
SAA: 學術事務部  Academic Affairs Department
ESAP: 公共行政高等學校  School of Public Administration
ESCE: 管理科學高等學校  School of Business
ESS: 高等衛生學校  School of Health Sciences
ESLT: 管理科學高等學校  School of Business
GTRC: 博彩教學暨研究中心  Gaming Teaching and Research Centre
QMUL: 理工倫敦大學瑪麗皇后學院資訊系統研究中心 MPI-QMUL Information Systems Research Centre
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