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Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Award-Winning Output Award
Lou Shenghua, et al. 新秩序:澳門社會治理研究 First Prize (Monograph)
Li Sheng
Yan Ming Tsui
A General Equilibrium Approach to Tourism and Welfare: The Case of Macao First Prize (Paper)
Li Changsen 近代澳門外報史稿 Second Prize (Monograph)
Ng Su Pan 澳門大眾體育——公共服務體系建設研究 Second Prize (Monograph)
Lai Sau Ling Linda
W. M. To
Importance-Performance Analysis for Public Management Decision-Making: An Empirical Study of China's Macao Special Administrative Region Third Prize (Paper)
Xu Chang “一國兩制”的法治解構 Third Prize (Paper)
Luong Kim Ying 從優秀音樂人才的培養談澳門的音樂環境 Third Prize (Paper)
Ng Sio Wang 澳門特區政府公務員工作動機模型研究 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Ieong Wan Chong 我的“一國兩制”觀 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Tam Sai Po 金石銘刻的氹仔九澳史——清代氹仔九澳廟宇碑刻鐘銘等集錄研究 Merit Prize (Monograph)
Cândido do Carmo Azevedo O Lúdico na História do Oriente Português Merit Prize (Monograph)
Wang Changbin 博彩法與博彩商會:澳門博彩競爭法的迷失 Merit Prize (Paper)
Leng Tiexun 澳門公共政策諮詢中公眾參與的困境及對策分析 Merit Prize (Paper)
Wong Yee 社會語言學視野下的文化交匯:澳門“圓形地”研究 Merit Prize (Paper)
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