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MPI Students Experience Life Education in the Greater Bay Area

For the purpose of enhancing talents exchange in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and encouraging students to develop a positive attitude and worthy values towards life, the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) organised students to participate in the “New Heart-New Life” activity to visit the “Life Journey Centre” in Hong Kong. Through life story sharings and interactive multi-media devices, students experienced different stages of life. This activity provided MPI students the opportunity to understand the educational characteristics of Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area, and also inspired them to become promising young people with a healthy mind, good character and strong will.

The “Life Journey Centre” is founded by the Hong Kong Senior Citizen Home Safety Association. The staff first introduced the background of the centre and its exclusive service in Asia. The life educator then shared with students the insights, experiences, and valuable wisdom of life. Through interactive digital games, audio and visual effects, students experienced the four stages of life including “Are you ready for the journey”, “Choices in life”, “One-way tunnel” and “Rest in peace”. Finally, under the life educator’s guidance, students discussed their feelings and opinions about the life journey and the real meaning of life.

Participating students indicated that this activity teach them to respect and cherish the value of life more. Student Xu of the Design Programme feels that he experienced a real and profound journey of life, which makes him to cherish the present and hope to experience mutual love in life. Student Cheung of the Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Programme said that this activity allows her to identify that time is irreversible, and therefore she should seize the opportunity to attain personal goals in life. International student Elsa of the Public Administration Programme indicated that she has learned to treasure time, and thus strives to enrich the meaning of life and influence others to treasure their life.

MPI always emphasises the importance of student’s character education, commits to cultivating graduates with high standards of both talents and ethics, and encourages students to improve their competitiveness and thus to devote themselves to the development of the Greater Bay Area. This meaningful life education experience assists students to adapt themselves to different environments and interpersonal relationships, enhance their resilience, and learn to respond to every challenge and choice in life with a positive attitude. Moreover, students understand that life is limited and dreams are unlimited, therefore inspiring students to plan their futures, and to grasp the development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

MPI students experienced Life Education in the Greater Bay Area

MPI students experienced different stages of life

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