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Macao Polytechnic Institute Outward Bound Training Camp-Greater Bay Area Initiated Students’ Moral Development

MPI organises Outward Bound training camp for students’ all-round development

The training camp is popular among students and the atmosphere is lively and harmonious

To cultivate the comprehensive quality of college students and promote their all-round development, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) organised a two-day Outward Bound Training Camp in Guangzhou. Through experiential learning and training, the activity aimed to make students accept challenges and reinforce their team spirit, communication skills and new thinking. The training camp was popular among students and the atmosphere was lively and harmonious.

Activities of the Outward Bound Training Camp included ice-breaking, Tarzan rope, beach landing, battle game, quincuncial piles crossing, concentric drum, etc. Students were divided into two groups to compete. Before the competition, each team was asked to nominate its leader and deputy leader and to create a slogan so as to build a cohesive team with a collective sense of honour. The students listened carefully to the instructions of the tutor and completed the tasks with their strengths.

Sara, a student from Portugal majoring in International Chinese Language Education, said that the training camp made her understand “teamwork makes anything possible” and both the physical and mental capacity were the keys to success. Student Ng was happy to be nominated as the team leader. At the camp, he developed his leadership skills and learned how to motivate others, which was a valuable experience to prepare him to organise activities in the future. Student Chou, majoring in Portuguese Language, expressed that he made new friends and at the same time, he realised the importance of building trust within the team. By complementing one another and showing understanding, the team could overcome adversity and achieve success more efficiently.

MPI has constantly focused on students’ all-round development. While cultivating talents with specialised knowledge, the Institute aims to strengthen students’ comprehensive quality through organising different activities. The training camp allows students to experience the extracurricular activities and culture of the Greater Bay Area. It also helps the youth to foster positive values, improve problem solving and communication skills, build up teamwork, trust and a sense of responsibility through completing various tasks by teamwork and cooperation with intelligence and diligent execution.

Students complete tasks with their strengths

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