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MPU Students' Active Participation in Community Service Contributes to an Inclusive Society

Students in the Service Learning Programme participate in team building camp to strengthen collaborative spirit.

Students accompany people with intellectual disabilities to participate in ceramics classes.

To encourage college students to actively participate in social service, and to strengthen the connection between students and society so as to jointly cultivate an inclusive and harmonious community, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) launched a one-year Service Learning Programme which allows students to use what they have learned to give back to society by serving the underprivileged, and thereby to inherit the spirit of caring and loving. At the same time, students gain different learning experiences through volunteer work and grow in giving and self-reflection, which bring positive impacts on their learning path.

The one-year Service Learning Programme consisted of team building, sharing series, community visits, activity support and service practices. It attracted participation from students from different years and majors. The students walked out of the classrooms to care for the disadvantaged groups in the community. They visited people with intellectual disabilities and accompanied them to participate in different types of skill training courses such as daily living skills, ceramics classes, and various comprehensive skills training. In addition to assisting people with intellectual disabilities to have social and cognitive abilities for life, students also flexibly practised their knowledge to serve others to achieve the purpose of mutual learning and growth. One student who participated in the programme said that contacting disadvantaged groups enabled him to put himself in their shoes to understand their thoughts and needs. The programme also let him understand how every individual can have the opportunity to participate in social activities and contribute. Everyone should be respected and accepted.

MPU is committed to the fundamental function of student cultivation and development, and to continuously strengthening the interaction and cooperation with the community. Through the Service-Learning Project, the Student Affairs Office aims to spread the spirit of caring and dedication, give warmth and support, and make it easier for the underprivileged to engage in society, while at the same time deepening students' understanding of people who are in need so as to achieve mutual tolerance and acceptance and to embrace social inclusion.

​​​Students use their knowledge to serve others.


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